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Montreal Airport (ADM) – A longstanding partner

In the past 15 years, the Enixum Group has installed hundreds of km of UTP copper wire and several dozen km of single-mode and multi-mode optical fibre at the Trudeau and Mirabel airports.

  • Cabling of multiple server rooms and secondary communication rooms
  • Installation of dozens of cabinets
  • Installation of indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi networks
  • Installation of overhead surveillance cameras networks (indoor and outdoor) for ADM and CATSA
  • Certified and dedicated staff with security clearance for access to restricted areas

The AMT : Mont-Royal Tunnel Radio Communication Systems

AMT chose the Enixum Group to deploy a radio communications system in the 6 km tunnel under Mount Royal, between the Canora station and Grand Central Station.

The Enixum team worked nights to install and test over 12000m of fibre optic and radiant communication cables as well as the active equipment driving the system.

Due to space and safety limitations, Enixum had to excavate the bedrock using dynamite in several locations to host the equipment powering the radiant cable throughout the tunnel.

Société des Transports de Montréal: Installation of a Wideband Radio system throughout the Montreal metro

The Enixum Group has done a variety of projects with the STM over the years and is still actively supporting this client.

To support real-time bi-directional communications with its new AZUR trains, the STM hired the Enixum Group to deploy 540 antennas over the tracks, 300 cameras capturing activity on the platforms, and 280 communication cabinets. This infrastructure was then interfaced with the STM’s existing communications network.

Ministère des Transports du Québec : Ville-Marie Tunnel

Since 2009, Enixum has been regularly involved in upgrading electrical systems and intelligent transport systems for highway 720 in the Ville-Marie tunnel.

Overhaul of the emergency distribution of ventilation towers 6, 10, 12 and 13
Acting as general contractor, Enixum installed 230 KW emergency generators, static 150 KVA uninterruptible power systems and provided the electrical distribution. The project included the restoration of mechanical and architectural infrastructures.

Various restoration projects
During the various phases of restoration of the Ville-Marie, Enixum installed new energy-efficient lighting, new traffic surveillance and management systems. These include :

  • Lightning
  • Illuminated lane signage
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Vehicle counting systems
  • Radiant antenne cable for wireless communications
  • Fibre optic communication networks

Transport – Selected clients

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