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Case Study: Level 4 Data Center

In 2014, the Enixum Group was selected to overhaul the electrical, mechanical, structural and architectural infrastructures for one of Quebec’s largest private Tier 4 data centres in downtown Montreal, hosting clients such as major Canadian banks and Fortune 500 companies.

As a general contractor, Enixum managed the implementation of the electrical infrastructure, HVAC, control systems, plumbing, fire protection, structural and architectural work.

New electrical infrastructure :

  • Dual power sources : 2 MW capacity
  • UPS : 4 unis (6000 KVA N+1)
  • 3 separate battery banks on different floors
  • Integration with 3 existing 600 KW diesel generators
  • 5 online 2000 A static switches for hot transfers
  • Central control system
  • Production and emergency electrical distribution
  • Redundancy : N+1 at all levels

The project was delivered on an accelerated schedule with multiple teams working 7 days for months.

Enixum group has done data center work for the likes of Pratt& Whitney Canada, the Montreal Airports, IBM and many more.